Long Term Rental Program

General Description

The EnergySolutions (ES) Services, Inc. Long-Term Rental program is intended to provide customers who have need of radiation monitoring equipment for a time period sufficient to justify substantial discounts of standard month-to-month rental rates. Additionally, the program is intended to provide instrumentation management assistance for customers and their projects including tracking of calibration due dates, notification and replacement of instruments prior to their expiration date to ensure continuous use of needed instruments, and simplification of ordering process (i.e., additional web site orders not required for replacement instruments).

Program Benefits

Benefits of the program include the following:

1)  Automatic reduction in rental rate over time based on total rental period.

2)  Tracking of calibration due dates of rented equipment (where applicable) and notification to customer when equipment calibration due dates are approaching.

3)  Replacement of equipment with expiring calibration (prior to expiration date) upon confirmation by customer that replacements are needed without the need for additional instrumentation order (i.e., replacement instrument is tracked as part of continuous service of original order).

4)  Free ground shipping of replacement instruments and return of instruments with expired calbiration if returned in timely manner.

Discounted rental rates begin after 3 months for qualified long-term rental orders per the schedule noted below: 

Rental Period

Discount from Web Site Published Monthly Rate

4th to 6th month


7th to 9th month


10th to 12th month


13th to 18th month


19th to 24th month


25th to 30th month


> 30th month



Program Requirements

1)  The long-term rental program is only available to customers with payment history in good standing (i.e., no past due invoices currently pending or chronic history of paying invoices after due dates).  Discounted rates will be discontinued if rental invoices are not paid as required by ES Terms and Conditions.

2)  Long term rental rates are only applicable to specific instruments ordered as a long-term rental.

3)  Calibration due date notification will be sent to email address provided at the time of instrument order or updated email address provided to ES in writing by customer or responsible company.

4)  Replacement equipment will be shipped at EnergySolutions’ expense to original order physical address, unless physical address is updated by written request of customer, prior to the shipment of replacement instrument. A pre-paid return shipment label will also be included with replacement instrument for use by the customer to return the replaced instrument.

5)  Prepaid shipment label for return of instrument with expiring calibration may only be used for instrument serial number indicated on the label. If pre-paid shipping label is used for any other purpose other than return of the indicated instrument, the customer will be responsible for payment of the shipment cost.

6)  Rental instruments with expiring calibration must be returned promptly when replacement instrument is received, or customer is subject to rental charges for both original and replacement instrument until returned. Prompt return of expiring instrument is defined as return shipment date within 5 working days of date replacement instrument was delivered.