Calibration & Repair

Thank you for considering EnergySolutions Calibration and Repair Services.

Calibration rates and ordering information are provided via the links below. The standard and expedited calibration rates include one detector (not including smart detectors) and one radionuclide efficiency. Alpha, beta, and gamma instruments or detectors are calibrated to Th-230, Tc-99, and Cs-137, respectively, unless otherwise requested and approved in advance. Additional charges that may apply include:

$40.00 for each extra radionuclide efficiency
$60.00 for each extra detector (not RO-7 or Smart)
$90.00 for extra RO-7 or 9-7 detector
$180.00 for each smart detector
$240.00 broker fee for return shipment of checksources (we recommend you do not include any checksources with your instruments)

Expedited rates are 1.5 times the standard rate.

Calibration fee applies whether instrument passes or fails calibration, but may be discounted if calibration fails prior to completion.

Instruments sent for repair will be assessed a minimum fee of $60.00 for evaluation. Upon customer approval, parts and additional repair labor will be charged at $120 per standard hour as required to complete repair and subsequent calibration (if calibration is requested).

Turnaround time is typically 2 to 4 weeks (standard) and 1 to 2 weeks (expedited).
If you do not see the instrument model you desire below, please email us at  Attach a pdf of the instrument manual in your email.