Alpha Spectra FIDLER Model 20DT063QB2/5B Monthly Rental

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$750 monthly/$250 weekly

A one-time setup/calibration charge in addition to rental rate noted above may also apply. When this applies, you’ll be informed of the amount of the additional charge at time of order or, if requested, prior to placement of order.

  • 5" diameter, 0.063" thick NaI (Tl) crystal
  • 5" demountable PMT
  • Gamma and x-ray > 10 Kev
  • Beryllium window (0.010" thick)

Mounted on 2"quartz light probe

19% or better resolution at 60 Kev (Am-241)

Ruggedized, machined aluminum housing

Low background glass, PMT, and voltage divider

Single MHV connector