Canberra Model iCAM Alpha/Beta Continuous Air Monitor Monthly Rental

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$1854 monthly/$618 weekly

A one-time setup/calibration charge in addition to rental rate noted above may also apply. When this applies, you’ll be informed of the amount of the additional charge at time of order or, if requested, prior to placement of order.

  • PIPS Detector
  • Removable card mounted filters
  • Electronic air flow rate measurement, with high and low flow alarms
  • Continuous total airflow recording and reporting
  • User-set alarms with local and remote reporting
  • Simple/automated checks for calibration, gain and spectrum shape

Software package for full iCAM configuration by local computer or via a network 

Fault diagnostics show on the local display and across the network 

RS-485 and RS-232 communication interfaces 

One-week data storage with detailed event log 

Data is RS-232 and RS-485 transferable to Microsoft® Excel 

Thirty minute protection of full functionality by built-in battery backup