GARDIAN I Large Container Assay System Monthly Rental

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(GAmma Radiation Detector In-container ANalysis)

  • Two Semi-Trailers w/Office
  • Four GC2020 HPGe Detectors (ISOCS Characterized)
  • Two Plastic Scintillation Detectors
  • Digital MCA's
  • Desktop Computer
  • Genie-2K, QA, ISOCS and NDA-2K software

Two Semi Trailers (53' Main Assay Trailer and 48' Support Trailer)

Temperature controlled office in Main Assay Trailer

Four GC 2020 ISOCS characterized HPGe detectors

Digital Electronics installed in cabinet

Towers and Track sections for optimum detector placement

Lead shielded (2") detector support housings with 90° collimator shields

240 vac, 200 amp power supply required (single phase, neutral and ground)

Ludlum Model 3500-1000 Radiation Detection System with plastic scintillation detector (2" by 5" by 48" each)

Desktop computer, monitor and laserjet printer

Canberra Genie-2K, QA, ISOCS and NDA-2K software (latest versions)