GARDIAN III Large Container Assay System Monthly Rental

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(GAmma Radiation Detector In-container ANalysis)

  • Two Semi-Trailers w/Office
  • Six Canberra GC4020 HPGe Detectors (ISOCS)
  • Two Plastic Scintillation Detectors
  • Canberra DSA-1000 Digital MCAs
  • Desktop Computer
  • Genie-2K, QA, ISOCS and NDA-2K software

Two 53' Semi Trailers (Main Assay Trailer and Support Trailer)

8.5' X 12' office in Main Assay Trailer

Six GC 4020 ISOCS characterized HPGe detectors

Six Canberra DSA-1000 Digital Spectrum Analyzers

Towers and Track (30') for optimum detector placement

Lead shielded (2") detector support housings with 90° collimator shields

480 vac, 60 hz, 100 amp power supply required

Ludlum Model 3500-1000 Radiation Detection System with plastic scintillation detector (2" by 5" by 48" each)

Desktop computer, monitor and laserjet printer

Canberra Genie-2K, QA, ISOCS and NDA-2K software (latest versions)