Bicron Model Microrem Monthly Rental

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$420 monthly/$140 weekly

A one-time setup/calibration charge in addition to rental rate noted above may also apply. When this applies, you’ll be informed of the amount of the additional charge at time of order or, if requested, prior to placement of order.

  • 5 Ranges
  • Tissue-Equivalent Scintillator
  • Nearly Flat Energy Response
  • Photon response from 40 keV to 1.3 MeV
  • Measure environmental levels
  • 0-20 mrem/h (0-0.2 mSv/h) on first range
  • 0-200 mrem/h (2 mSv/h)

Radiation Detected:
Gamma and x-ray, 40 keV to 1.3 MeV

Internal, tissue equivalent, organic scintillator

Within 10% of reading for 137Cs between 20% and 100% of full scale on any range

Energy Response:
See energy response curve

High Voltage:
Electronically stabilized, factory set during calibration, with check band on the meter

Response Time:
Optimized for each range, 0-90% of final reading as follows:
Range: Time; X0.1 : <15 seconds; X1: <15 seconds; X10: <5 seconds; X100: <2 seconds; X1000: <2 seconds

Operational from -4°F to 122°F (-20°C to 50°C)

<5% change in reading from 10% to 95% RH

Battery Complement:
Two 9 volts

Battery Life:
>100 hours

Within +2% of full scale

100 g per lightweight machine of Mil-STD 202C, method 202B

5 g in each of three mutually orthogonal axes at one or more frequencies from 10-33 Hz

Meter Reset Button:
Allows meter to reset to "0" for repeat measurement

Ruggedized, recessed, high-torque 1 mA meter protected by impact resistant Lexan polycarbonate window with 3.35" (85.1 mm) scale marked:
Control: Eight position rotary switch: Off; Bat. (checks the condition of the batteries); HV (audits the detector high voltage): X1000, X100, X10, X1, X0.1 (counting ranges=multiply the meter reading by these figures)